How It Works

Too many online poker players refuse to believe that reverse RNG technology exists and continue to fall victim to ridiculously bad beats hand after hand. Are you tired of losing to a two outer on the river? Does it seem like other players know your every move before you make it? Are you hopelessly losing while playing what you believe to be solid poker?

The technology that makes this possible is based on the poker room’s random number generator. The random number generator or “RNG” for short is the area inside of the poker room software that is in charge of making the cards dealt to the table seem as random as possible. Since there are no real cards used like in a live poker game the poker sites rely on computers to generate decks of cards. This RNG process is the topic of regular debate among poker players and is what makes PokerRNG 6.0 possible.

We believe that the only fair way for poker sites to deal cards is by using a real deck of cards. If this was the case you would have a truly random shuffled deck of cards which the dealer would handle at every table. Because the poker room software does not use a real deck of cards it is possible to track down which cards will come next with up to 99% accuracy for each and every hand. Creating a poker room that uses real cards of course was not the easiest obstacle to get around when online poker rooms started to pop up on the Internet. Instead of making the game truly fair by implementing real cards they decided they would just turn everything computerized.

That was the easy way out of making poker room software but it opened up a whole host of problems and questions. Some even speculate that poker sites are involved in their own foul play. This is why PokerRNG was created; to ensure you’re equipped with much needed information to protect yourself at all times. We have been collecting data from poker sites since 2001 and have run thousands of tests to determine how cards are being produced. After many months of research we have created a global database that stores how cards are produced and examines which cards appear most with other cards.

This is the most basic aspect of PokerRNG. Behind the scenes each hand is run through a very sophisticated process to narrow down results within seconds. These results are provided to you instantly before each hand which allows you to make the absolute best move. You can learn more about reverse RNG technology in the random number generator information page