Powerful Poker Software

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PokerRNG 6.0 is the first and only poker casino software solutions¬†of its kind that can actually determine future card values of Internet Texas Hold ‘Em games. What would you do with the advantage of knowing upcoming community cards along with your opponents hole cards before the flop is even dealt? We’re sure whatever you choose to do with this information will increase your winnings and improve your game as soon as you start using PokerRNG 6.0.

Finally there is poker software that is 100% legal to use and actually provides a priceless advantage. PokerRNG 6.0 is not included in any poker sites list of banned software so you are allowed to use this software without any worries of having your poker account closed or being banned with your bankroll confiscated. Ditch the odds calculators and bogus poker eBooks. The PokerRNG 6.0 software package is the only poker software package you will ever need. View upcoming community cards before the flop as well as your opponents hole cards.

Simply load the software, select the poker table you’d like to track and PokerRNG 6.0 will calculate upcoming cards. With automatic tracking your results will be provided without the hassle of entering in information manually. This way the results are given instantly before each hand starts, giving you plenty of time to plan your attack on unknowing opponents and eliminates the need to punch in card values. You can use PokerRNG 6.0 with any type of Hold ‘Em table no matter what limit, real or play money, tournaments, ring games, Sit n Go’s and every other option under Texas Hold ‘Em. If it’s Hold ‘Em at one of our supported sites it will work!